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Titanium Tube TA2
  • Titanium Tube TA2

Titanium Tube TA2

Item No.: CF005
Titanium Tube TA2 ,seamless Titanium pipe ,TA1  TA2 TC4, ASTM B337,ASTM B338,ASTM B861,ASTM B862
Titanium Tube TA2 ,Titanium alloy seamless pipe,seamless Titanium pipe ,TA1  TA2 TC4, ASTM B337,ASTM B338,ASTM B861,ASTM B862

Standard: ASTM B337,ASTM B338,ASTM B861,ASTM B862,GB/T3624,GBT/3625
Manufacturing Processes:Rolling, Forging, Annealing
Grade: Gr.1,Gr.2,Gr.5   TA1,TA2,TC4
Size:TitaniumSeamless Tubeφ10mm-200mm*0.5-10mm Wall Thickness*Length
Applications:It is widely used in heat exchange equipment such as tubular heat exchangers, coil heat exchangers, serpentine heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators and pipelines. Many nuclear power industries use titanium tubes as their standard units. The types of titanium tubes are classified into titanium tubes, titanium alloy tubes, titanium seamless tubes, titanium welded tubes, titanium capillaries, titanium tubes for titanium heat exchangers, titanium alloy extruded tubes, titanium elbows, titanium tees, and titanium tubes.

  process   Delivery Condition(OD×WT×Lgth mm)
cold rolled
Titanium seamless Pipe
Titanium Welded pipe
TA2  GB/T3625-2007
TA9   ASTM B337
TA10 ASTM B338